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Varsity Linemen: On the line?

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A season removed from the infamous championship loss, the ‘Iolani Varsity Football team is back at work to prepare for another great tenure in Division II. However, as the summer practices begin, a new problem looms over the newly established team. With senior departures and new arrivals, the ‘Iolani line has been decimated to a mere nine people total, three of whom are newly acquired rising sophomores. To put that into football perspective, linemen can play the role of either the attacker or the protector. Defensive linemen work to stop the run or sack the quarterback, while offensive linemen protect the quarterback or running back from the defensive linemen. There are usually three to five defensive linemen on the field at once, along with at least five offensive linemen.

With only nine linemen enrolled at the moment, both defensive and offensive, some players will be forced on the field for practically the whole game. This not only stirs up worry for the upcoming season, but poses a health threat to the boys playing in the game. Without sufficient rest, the players could suffer from dehydration, exhaustion, and become more prone to concussions.

“We’re basically screwed,” said Kilo Scanlan, a new freshman prospect for the ‘Iolani line. In a sense, he’s right. If more linemen do not join soon, players’ safety could be at risk, both on the line and in the backfield. In the end though, whether or not the line has sufficient back-ups or not, practice for the upcoming season must still go on.

For some, the football season can’t come soon enough, but the line, has many concerns about the upcoming fall season. The lack of linemen is a serious problem, not only for their health, but also for the success of the varsity football team. Yes, another year of exciting football is in the making, but it will be a challenging process for the men in the trenches.

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Varsity Linemen: On the line?