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Track Season Starts

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On Tuesday, February 7, the season of Track and Field started up once again. Well over 70 students attended the first day, excited to see what would happen. It was no surprise to see the great turnout on the first day, as no cuts in Track and Field make  it a popular sport at ‘Iolani.

“There were some other sports that I tried [out] for but got cut,” said ‘Aukai O’Sullivan ‘20, who is competing in high jump and hurdles. “I decided to join track because this [might] be the sport I’m meant to be [in].”

During the first days, many of the events were already training. This included hurdles, an event where people race around the track while jumping over hurdles. In the first days, many of hurdles already got the hang of jumping over a hurdle. A frequent pattern found in hurdles as well as the rest of the events is that friends will do the same event. This lead to the event being enjoyable from the start.

“The sport seems better when I’m with friends because it relieves the stress of being by myself and not knowing anyone,” O’Sullivan explained.

A unique feature in Track and Field is that the intermediate, junior varsity, and varsity teams have track meets that coincide during the same weeks, enabling them to train with one another. This seems to encourage friendly relations with those from other grades, centered around common interests for Track and Field.

“Everyone in each of their events gets along very well,” said O’Sullivan. “We get to cooperate with each other, challenge each other, and laugh together.”

The training for hurdles is a basic yet effective routine. Along with stretching and workouts, almost every day is filled with perfecting the hurdle jump, designed to effectively get over hurdles.

To those who were unable to compete in this season, there’s always next year! Students can look forward to being a part of the large group, excited to hit the track, swing a discus, or throw a shot.

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Track Season Starts