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"Shazam!" Review

May 1, 2019


     Finally, a movie that can save D.C. from their misery has arrived. Shazam! Is by far getting called as the Savior of D.C. and the main reasons are good characters and incredibly funny humors. Now, let's look more into the detail!

     Why is movie this garnering so much attention and appreciate? One of the main reasons is the cast of characters. Originally, DC comics has been widely known for disruptively changing the characteristics of the main figures of its movies. However, the film Shazam! proved to be a different case for DC comics’ traditional habits. Billy Bateson is a teenager who fears his superpowers but believes that they can earn him a better social standing among his friends. But with the arrival of the villain (Dr. Sivana), Billy decides to flee. At this moment, he realizes that he has to stand up to find his true family and to protect them. The movie successfully portrays Billy struggling to transform himself from a reckless teenager into the righteous superhero “Shazam.”

     Hidden among the action and suspense, humor is cleverly entwined in the plot of Shazam! always made the audiences laugh . The idea of a kid pretending to be an adult is funny, but Shazam! doubles the fun by adding a new idea "superhero adult". Every time Billy finds his own endurance and superpowers, the audiences can’t help but laugh at the scenes. For example, when Billy goes into a mini market and buy a pack of beer with his adult appearance, everyone in the audience cracked up.

     To be honest, the action is a bit disappointing. Almost every action scene in the movie looks awkward and isn’t suspenseful. In the final battle, Billy divide up his power to his family which results in six heroes. The movie can't concentrate on the one true hero (Billy) and this makes the suspenseful actions scenes very boring and hard to understand. The action should amplify the super hero movie's tension, but instead it become a distraction. Overall, however the action is good enough to be called as a “superhero movie”.

     Although there are a number of slight deficiencies, but nevertheless, Shazam! Is a very well-made superhero film. The fresh characters, humor, and  well-developed story make up for the lack of enticing action. The movie seems to have wide audience appeals, according to Rotten Tomatoes by earning a “Fresh Tomato” mark, also earning $ 159 million world widely on its first week. Starting with this movie, I hope D.C. will start to make good movies again like Shazam!


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