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Easter: More Than Just Egg Hunts

April 18, 2019


     Easter is the day filled with bunnies and egg hunts.  However, like most holidays, each family has their own Easter tradition.  

     For many Christian families, Easter is more than just a few games and good times. On this day, Christians often celebrate the resurrection of Jesus after  mourning his death on Good Friday (two days prior to Easter Sunday). Therefore, many spend their Easter mornings at church attending mass. Easter also marks the end of the fasting season for Christians, known as Lent.  Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, where people receive crosses on their foreheads made of ashes. For 40 days, Christians give up a certain pleasure to reenact Jesus’s restraint against the temptations of Satan during his 40-day wilderness fasting.  For many Christians, these guilty pleasures are favorite foods or drinks. This also includes restraining from eating meat on Friday as an act of penance during the Lenten season.

     As a Catholic, Easter is a big holiday, especially on my dad’s side of the family.  Since my dad grew up in New York in a Catholic family, he celebrates the traditions he had as a child with our family in Hawaii.  Some of these traditions include baking a pizza rustica, a traditional Italian meat pie filled with a variety of cheeses and pieces of cured meats, and the Easter twist bread, made with a rich dough that is braided and decorated with eggs throughout the circular bread.  This Italian bread is very symbolic and historical as it is made to symbolize the crown of thorns that Jesus wore when he was crucified. My dad spends hours on Good Saturday, the day before Easter, preparing these foods for our family dinner on Easter Sunday. My Nana, my dad’s mother, passed down her recipes to him and these special treats are something I look forward to every year.  

     Aside from my Catholic traditional Easter celebrations, my family, like many others, hold Easter egg hunts. Students Caleb Wataoka ‘20, Rylee Cockett ‘20, Max Miyashiro ‘20, and Calista Rodi ‘20 shared their favorite Easter memories of the fun activity.

     “On the day before Easter, we have an egg hunt for my Church and a family get-together,” said Wataoka ‘20. “Now that I’m older, though, I have to place the eggs, instead of hunting for them.”

     Cockett agreed saying, “I love having Easter at my aunty’s house and hiding the eggs for the egg hunt for my baby cousins.”

     Another well known activity among many families during Easter is dying eggs.  

     “On Easter Sunday, it’s a tradition to go to my grandma’s house to dye eggs and then we have dinner at her house,” says Miyashiro ‘20.  

     For Rodi ‘20, Easter is an all-day affair.

     “We do breakfast, lunch and dinner with my family,” said Rodi.  “When we were younger we used to dye eggs and hunt for eggs.”

     Families everywhere participate in their own Easter egg hunts. Included in this common tradition, the White House also holds their famous annual Easter Egg Roll, which this year will be hosted by First Lady Melania Trump on April 22.  The tradition began in 1878 as children peered through the gates of the White House watching Easter celebrations take place. Since then, families enter a public lottery that determines the lucky winners who will attend the event.

     Whether it’s making special food, dying eggs, or enjoying a good egg hunt, everyone has their own way of celebrating the springtime holiday.  Easter is an exciting holiday that allows us to relax and enjoy good company. Have a great Easter, Raiders!


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