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Are You Smarter Than a Third Grader?

November 2, 2018


     Third grade is a time of learning addition, subtraction, and the infamous multiplication tables. However, for Alex Hudson ‘29, learning math involves taking classes in pre-algebra, geometry, and calculus. Standing about four feet tall, Alex’s speech is unusually precise. He is like Sheldon Cooper from the CBS television show “Young Sheldon,”  four grades ahead in school but only eight years old.

     “I think it was in preschool, when he was three, that he was really into decimals and fractions,” said Amy Hudson, Alex’s mother. “And then by pre-k he liked the Pythagorean Theorem.”

     Alex’s parents, noticing his fascination in math, allow him to watch math videos to help Alex learn at his own level.

     “Trying to find things that are new and age appropriate for Alex and at a level that he’ll enjoy is ongoing,” Hudson said. Alex’s parents do their best to support him and his older sister Holly by pushing them to learn more and encouraging their interests in school.

     “So right now I’m in third grade and I’m learning pre-algebra, but last year in second grade I was sitting in calculus and precalculus classes,” said Alex, who currently receives one-on-one lessons with Upper School math teacher Michael Park. In the mornings, Alex goes to Park’s classroom then rushes back to Lower School for his normal class schedule. Fitting in math sessions while balancing his third grade class schedule is a challenge, but Mr. Park believes that it will only further Alex’s knowledge.  

     “Obviously he’s an advanced student,” Park said. “He knows a lot but there are still many things that he still doesn’t know so I’m just here to fill in those gaps that aren’t covered.”

     If Alex continues on his current track, he will finish BC Calculus by the 8th grade. For now, however, Alex enjoys what kids his age do: spending his time playing Minecraft and discussing survival tactics on Fortnite.


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