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College Advice from College Counselor Ms. Kori Shlachter

May 25, 2018

     Junior year marks the beginning of the college application process, one of the major milestones in a student's high school career. College Counselor Ms. Kori Shlachter provides helpful tips to keep in mind during the perilous application process?


What are the most common pitfalls of students during the college application process?

1. Procrastination is obviously a common pitfall in the college application process. Pay attention to deadlines and application requirements!

2. Focusing on the wrong thing in another pitfall. Sometimes students focus on particular rankings, friends' views, and other types of information rather than their own preferences and needs. Focus on the things you need to know to figure out what fits you best!

3. Another common pitfall is the lack of communication with parents. Be sure to communicate with parents about your goals, interests, and preferences. Let them know what you're thinking! Also, listen to them as well! Don't hesitate to speak with them about finances as well. Communication is the key to a smooth college application process!


What can students do to make the counselors jobs easier?

Help us to help you! Come in and chat! Ask your questions! Help us to get to know you! We will advocate for you!


How much time should we give ourselves to write a college essay and get it edited?

Writing is a process and it's different for everyone. We recommend students give themselves time to write, put it away for a bit, and then read it again. Ask yourself, "Does it sound like me?" The more time you give yourself, the better.


How many people should we have edit our writing and by who?

We definitely recommend working with your college counselor, of course! It's also helpful to work with one or two other people who know you and can help you write with your own voice. Sharing your essay drafts with too many people may provide you conflicting feedback that may muddle your voice.


What are 5 helpful tips to keep in mind?

1. Be authentic. Represent yourself - not what you think the college is looking for.

2. See your college counselor often. We're here to help!

3. Keep up with your classes and extracurricular activities.

4. Use your time wisely.

5. Don't underestimate the power of research! "Visit" schools in any way you can, whether in person or online! Find out what's important to you!


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