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'Iolani School’s Free Periods

May 19, 2018

     For all ‘Iolani high school students, the intense school days start at 7:40 A.M. What follows is a stressful day of extra curricular activities, sports, and then hours of homework. Students need a break! High school students are too old for recess, so the next best solution may as well be free periods.

     Most 8th graders will find there are many benefits to having free periods. These include more freedom to do what they want, such as study, grab a snack, or chat with friends. However, with freedom comes responsibility. Students must learn to use their time wisely by minimizing distractions, such as socializing with friends or playing games on their iPad or iPhone. If students use their free periods wisely and finish up their homework, they can go home and relax and enjoy the rest of their evening.

     As expectations increase in the ninth grade, students like Treyjan Oshiro ‘21 can attest the benefits of free periods in the Upper School. “The window you’ll have to do things becomes more condensed in the ninth grade,” said Oshiro. “Academically, there is more expected of you so the quality and timeliness of your work becomes paramount. Free periods are of great value in helping to manage all of your work and extracurricular activities.”

     Distractions such as socializing with friends, using an iPad or phone can take up valuable free time. Free periods are a way to help a student to be more independent and productive. The extra time in the school day helps to relieve stress from the heavy homework load. The greatest benefit of having good time management, is more time to relax and to do the things that one enjoys. Who knows, it may even improve a student’s ability to better focus and enjoy school.


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