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A Review of Avengers: Infinity War

May 15, 2018

     Since 2008, almost every single Marvel motion picture has been made for one purpose: the creation of Avengers: Infinity War, an extremely ambitious film that ties together every flick the company has produced into one cinematic “Marvel.” The three-hour adventure captures the unique personalities of each character that everybody has come to love. With a budget of nearly $400 million, Infinity War is an experience every self-proclaimed movie buff should partake in.

     The story starts with the tale’s main villain, Thanos, and his quest to steal all six “Infinity Stones” that have the power to end all life. Naturally, the Avengers who were once disbanded come back together, despite their differences, to stop the antagonist in his tracks. Almost every minute of the movie is filled with all out war. However, the action-packed moments are often combined with comedic relief, thanks to collaboration with Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn. Viewers can also revel in the seamless storytelling that perfectly intertwines the Marvel universe. Inevitably, due to the sheer volume of the cast, the story can become a little confusing to people who haven’t kept up with every Marvel movie. Thankfully, the numerous Easter eggs and nuances of the movie can entertain people of all backgrounds!

     For example, the infamous Stan Lee cameo is as funny as ever, with his over-the-top “cool Grandpa” attitude. The comedy is delivered with no remorse and is not afraid to take a stab at other shows, with some villains even being mocked as “Squidward.” The soundtrack is marvelous, and seems to add more impact to key battles with intense bass resonating throughout the cinema. Finally, the CGI effectively captures the magic behind bizarre extraterrestrial creatures.

     Overall, Marvel capitalizes on the meticulous planning that has occurred for over 10 years. Avid fans will not be disappointed with the cinematography or the story, as it all remains somewhat similar to the original comics. Avengers: Infinity War is a film that nobody should miss this spring!


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