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Love is in the Air

February 14, 2018


     Love is in the air this February 14. Valentine’s Day has always, and will always a day filled with romance and love, but how did this day of candy and Cupid come to be? Today, we still are unsure of how Valentine’s Day came to be. However, we could infer that Valentine’s Day was in honorable mention of great St. Valentine and his acts of the past. Or maybe Valentine’s Day is an extension from the Romans holiday of Lupercalia where pairs of names were picked, eventually leading to marriage. Whether it was St. Valentine’s or Lupercalia, Valentine’s Day as we know will forever be one of the greatest holidays to come.

     We may not be able to pinpoint the origin of Valentine’s Day, but this love sharing holiday can mean multiple ideas to people soured the world. For some, it may be a time to express your feelings to those you love with flowers and heart-shaped chocolates. For others it may just be another holiday to enjoy quality times with family and friends. Either way, everyone has their own interpretations of Valentine’s Day.

     Aside from knowing how to spend Valentine’s Day, if you are trying to impress that one guy/girl you met at Starbucks, there is always that one question that will haunt us for the rest of our lives: “What is the best present?” Said to be the most common dilemma couples deal with, finding the best present can make, or break relationships. It may be an overused cliche, but unfortunately, it is true. Besides, the best gift may not always be the most expensive. Or as Logan Lee ‘22 says, “A good gift is one from your heart, not just an expensive piece of technology.” The gift should have more thought than material. Say you are getting a gift for a friend you met in kindergarten, and the two of you met because both of you had had the same teddy bear at nap time. Sure you could buy them something expensive like a new phone, or a common gift like a box of chocolates and flowers. However, the most significant gift would be that same teddy bear you two had in kindergarten. It would remind the other person of the reason you two met, and the reason you two are together at that moment. Also, because without that teddy bear, who knows where the both of you would be. That teddy bear was most definitely not an extremely expensive present, but it did have the most meaning to it.

     Maybe you do not have that special someone to get a gift for, but there are many more ways to spend Valentine’s Day. At ‘Iolani, during this lunch break take time to witness the entertaining Valentine’s Day trivia in the center courtyard. You might not even be a participant, you could just be a cheerful spectator. “I personally am not interested in participating in the Valentine’s Day trivia, but I feel it is a great way to spend lunch, and I will definitely be cheering on my fellow classmates,” Kenta Terasaki ‘22 said. People such as Terasaki may not be participating, but he still is happy to contribute to his grade with his cheers and motivation. You are not expected to, but consider taking a trip to the center courtyard during lunch to witness a fun-filled time of trivia.

     Valentine’s Day, a day full of romance, love, and gifts. It has an unknown background, but it most definitely means well. It is significant to each and every person in a different way, but no matter how one’s interpretations are, they will always be memorable. That memorable moment might be that special gift given to that special person. ‘Special gift,’ it has a lot of meanings. To some it means the most expensive present, to others it may be a childhood memory. No matter what a person chooses as that ‘special gift,’ the best presents always come from the heart, not from Target. Aside from gift giving, the Valentine’s Day trivia will occur at lunch, in the center courtyard. Friends will have fun answering questions, and enjoying the competition. Not only is it fun for the participants, but the spectators could have just as much fun, so come check it out. Just have a great time this Valentine’s day, all the best for those who have someone special, and even those who do not. As it says on, “Love is not finding someone to live with;It’s finding someone you can’t live without.”

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