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Are you too old for Christmas

December 7, 2017


Christmas. It’s the time of the month when enthusiastic shoppers fill the malls, and the fragrance of gingerbread houses, candy canes, hot cocoa, and Christmas trees permeate the air.  Families often decorate their Christmas trees, but what lies beneath them is what many anticipate the most: presents!

Presents come in various shapes and forms.  They are things that hold emotions of excitement, anxiousness, and joy.  Most of the time, they are wrapped in elegant looking, colorful paper, meant to cause people to have a rush of excitement go through them.  It makes them anxious to open their gifts and find what is inside of them.

Presents can come in many different forms.  Most gifts are based on the age of the person, their gender, and interests.  However, as the years go on, many people start to get gifts that they don’t need from well-intending family members and friends. Thus, many people resort to giving money or gift cards instead of presents.  The most common age that people start recieving money rather than presents is 18 years old.  This is because most people believe that “you’re an adult now,” and money allows the recipient to have the freedom to buy what they want.

So, are gifts really necessary for those age 18 and over?  ‘Iolani students have different thoughts about this.

“I don’t think you can ever get too old because there are different types of forms for presents.  My mom always tells us that she wants us to be good kids for her birthday, so I don’t really think that you can ever get too old to get things that you like,” said Mara Goldstein ‘23, who believes that presents are for anyone, no matter their age.   

Presents are also influenced by Christmas lists that people write to Santa.   “Sometimes I make a list and they’re usually filled with the things I want.  Some people will give my brother and I stuff that they think that we like,” said Goldstein.

Most people agree with Goldstein that presents should be for everyone, but why do most people over 18 stop getting presents?

“I think that the general idea of Christmas and giving presents is associated with younger people, especially children,” said Emi Horii ‘20. “Although chances are you're less likely to receive presents the older you get, I don't think there's a certain age that’s too old for presents.”

The holiday season is not just about giving or getting tangible gifts, but about enjoying the spirit of Christmas.

“Everyone appreciates a thoughtful gift, no matter how big or how small,” said Horii. “Even so, it’s always good to keep in mind that Christmas isn't all about presents but spending time with friends and family to celebrate the birth of Christ.”


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