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Reusable Water Bottles

October 24, 2017


Studies show that water is the most valuable resource needed to live. Humans can last more than three weeks without eating, but will only survive eight to ten days without drinking water. Many people today like to stay hydrated. But to do so, people do one of two things; use a water bottle, or drink from a water fountain.

Out of the two, I say more people prefer to carry around a water bottle.

“I bring my water bottle to school because it is easy to carry around, and a lot more convenient than a water fountain,” said Tyler Hayashi ‘22. Drinking from a water bottle is almost a flawless tactic when it comes to staying hydrated. But, the most popular water bottle, would have to be the hydro flask. It not only keeps your water cold, but helps the environment as well.

“I think drinking from a water bottle is a lot healthier than drinking from a water fountain, that everyone drinks from,” says Ryan Watanabe ‘22. “It also helps the economy by conserving plastic used for things like utensils and bags.” Especially nowadays, plastic is becoming a major issue in the world. Many supermarkets and stories have already replaced their plastic bags with paper ones. Even at school, many signs have been going up about conserving plastic utensils, bags, bottles, etc.

Although the water bottle is an excellent way to stay hydrated, it does have its flaws.

“I do not like to bring a water bottle to school because it is too heavy, and I’d rather use the water fountain,” said Ethan Goo ‘23. Some people think a water bottle is just another pain to carry around. Many students also tend to forget their belongings all over campus, but the most common lost item, is the water bottle. Every student, here at ‘Iolani, has at least had one experience where they forget, or lost their water bottle.

“Yeah, I always forget my water bottle, especially after lunch because it is like a long break and it usually gets lost with the rest of my things,” said Sarah Fujiwara ‘21. Aside from water bottles being a pain to carry around, and them getting lost a lot, it is a great way to stay hydrated.

Often times, students that don’t bring water bottles to school, are fine with just using the water fountain.

“I don’t know what is point of having to carry a water bottle around all day, when you can just use the water fountain,” says Rafael Duda ‘23. “Since ‘Iolani has multiple water fountains posted all over campus, it is pretty convenient.”

But the biggest problem people have when it comes to having to use the water fountain, is the walk. Students don’t want to be walking out of class, just to drink water.

“Personally, I don’t mind having to walk to a water fountain, so I am fine without bringing a water bottle with me wherever I go,” said Ethan Goo ‘23.

People like Ethan, don’t care if they have to walk an extra few steps to get a drink of water. They would rather walk, then have another object to carry around with them throughout the whole day.

Overall, the main thing is to stay hydrated. It does not matter the method, all that matters is that everyone gets their daily dose of liquid. Bottle or not, water will always be water.

“Thousands have lived without love, not one without water,” W.H. Auden.


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