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Families Are Forever

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The “Families Are Forever” event allowed the class of 2027 to share their knowledge about different ethnicities and traditions with their loved ones on March 3, 2017. Parents, grandparents, and family friends were welcome to come and see what the students put together. “In second grade, students learn about their family’s culture and ethnicities,” says Mr. Eric Perkins. The second graders were able to share their individual family trees as well as perform songs and skits.  


After the festivities were done the students shared a meal with their families. Smiles were seen in every direction you looked. Conversations between families and friends filled the air with joy and laughter. Family members had the chance to see the student’s journey in second grade so far. The second graders even feel that they have gained a lot of knowledge throughout the course of this event. “I learned that everyone has their own traditions, and everyone is unique,” said Ayden Im ‘27. This will be a memory that the students will remember for years to come.

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Families Are Forever