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Lost Wild

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2014 Poetry 9-10 1st Place


Bright emerald leaves glitter in the spotlight.
Coquettish myna birds flounder and twirl
Between the peaks
Of the sacred trees
In a game of hide and seek.
Glorious golden sparks of light
From heaven
Shine on the limpid water,
While pallid pigs gorge juicy, scarlet berries.
Amid the quietness,
God basks in his glory.

Calloused hands pile jagged stones
Over devastated land.
Bustling keys,
Screeching engines,
And puffs of smoke
Consume the air.
Small, obese pests nibble white crumpled balls.
Pitiful wails
Play the melody of life.
As the tears of rain fall down from the heavens.

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Lost Wild