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Finishing the Year Strong with Finals: Exam Preparation

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All ‘Iolani students would love to start their summer, relaxing on the warm sand at the beach. Instead, they are spending their time studying for the most important test of the year: final exams. Studying for exams that count toward college grades may not be easy, especially when you want to finish strong. Trying to keep up with your work for all your subjects may not be easy either.

“Finals are stressful, but coffee and boba can get me through anything,” said Rylie Wada ‘20.

There are effective ways of surviving through the most stressful and dreadful week. Many people stay up all night to study; however, pulling an “all-nighter” doesn’t always help the student. Risks include forgetting information since the brain hasn’t had a break, or accidentally falling asleep while taking the final.

“Drinking lots of coffee helps me stay awake, but I make sure that I have enough sleep for school the next day,” said Wada.

Other than getting sleep, different methods of studying can benefit students, especially those with numerous finals and extra curricular activities. Creating a study guide to help a student more efficiently and effectively learn can be helpful.

“Making flashcards and lists of everything I need to know is a great way for me to prepare,” Wada says. Wada will be taking finals for biology, history, geometry, and Japanese. She also attends extra help after school, an opportunity that ‘Iolani provides, to make sure she fully understands all of the information she will be tested on.

Although preparing for exams as it is approaching may be difficult, Wada and Jedidiah Wataru 20’ has found their motivation to get through it.

“I have to get through finals because after they are done, I will have a summer of softball games, trips, the beach, and days with my friends waiting for me,” Wada said.

But Wataru views this closure from a different perspective.

“Although finals seem like a pain think about it this way. You can recap this year and think about your improvement from the year before,” said Jedidiah Wataru 20’.

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Finishing the Year Strong with Finals: Exam Preparation