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Enjoy Your Rice!

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You are probably eating one of the world’s superfoods every day–rice. And you are not alone; it is a food eaten all over the world. It is healthful and inexpensive, which makes it a staple available to many of the earth’s inhabitants. Many people rely on rice to survive.
When you eat rice, you are taking advantage of its nutrition. It has zero cholesterol and is very low in sodium. Brown rice, the most nutritional type of rice, has only about 100 calories in 100 grams, while one of America’s most favorite foods, bacon, has more than 540 calories in 100 grams.

Do you want a food that is abundant in carbohydrates, and acts as a fuel that raises energy and helps your brain function? Then rice is your choice. Since it is beneficial for everyone, it’s no wonder it is one of the 15 crops that provides 90% of the world’s food energy intake. And, it’s also a staple for anyone who is glucose intolerant. You get more bang for the buck with rice, because one of its biggest benefits is that it is also one of the least expensive foods in the world.  
Rice is economical. An entire serving of rice costs just under 10 cents. It is fairly easy to grow, because it can be grown anywhere in an ecosystem that doesn’t freeze, and where there is enough water. It is a grain that has a long shelf life and is easy to cook. It’s no wonder that it is a staple food all over the world, especially in Asia. Because of its low cost, rice is available to most people around the world.  Along with being a convenient food in the form of a grain, it is also a versatile food.

Rice can be changed into different forms to accommodate different food styles. By mixing water and rice paste, rice noodles are made. Rice noodles are used in many Asian soups and dishes. It can be processed in other ways to create different types of food, such as rice vinegar, milk, syrup, crackers, and more.  Rice can be eaten not just as a grain, but in many other forms.
Few foods are as versatile as rice. With all of its benefits, it’s no wonder that it is called the most amazing food on earth. So, enjoy your delicious, nutritious rice. It is super.

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Enjoy Your Rice!