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In the 21st century, all children have had experience and fun with technology.  We often see them playing with their devices, but at ‘Iolani, technology is incorporated in a system in which students wear a Virtual Reality headset to explore the world while remaining at stationary.

On December 8, Robin Hiraki’s sixth graders had the opportunity to learn about the Pearl Harbor attacks using both virtual reality.  While in the very midsts of locations such as Pearl Harbor, the USS Missouri, and the USS Arizona.  The class was in awe with many audible wows, and excited gasps emanating from the group, as they experienced what it was like to be on the USS Missouri and Arizona.  Hiraki explained to them the significance of each monument, and was the personal virtual tour guide for the session.  The Google Expedition program allowed students to “Take a field trip anywhere” according to Google.  The lesson was followed with an exciting discussion, where students seemed to demonstrate increased enthusiasm.  The engagement was astronomical, a level unforeseen for a classic educational program.  Even when taking photos, I could feel the excitement through the camera lens.  

Students become more engaged, focused, and even contribute more when they can explore freely.  In the past, people would have never thought of learning virtually, they would only trust in books.  With VR, students can interact in a more social way, opening many doors for learning.   The teacher can interact with his or her students, or just let them learn by themselves.  With VR today’s learning world can take a whole new shape, with all new

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Virtual Learning