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One New Teacher, Two New Souls on Campus

One New Teacher, Two New Souls on Campus

Ms. Churchill sits at her desk.

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First days of school are usually filled with either excited shouts for the start of a new school year or tears for the dreadful tears for the end of summer. They are also spent by students finding newcomers or “aliens” to ‘Iolani School. One may wonder, however, what about the new teachers?

Among the masters of Biology is Mrs. Holly Church. As she previously taught at Kalaheo High School for five years, this is now her sixth year of teaching. She describes our campus at ‘Iolani as “nice, friendly, and helpful.” One of the first things that caught her attention at this school was that everyone was “grateful and appreciative.”

Here are some fun facts about Mrs. Church:

1) Her favorite scientific name is Panthera onca, which is a jaguar (Yes, I remembered to italicize the whole word and to capitalize the genus, not the species).

2) If she discovered a new organism, she would name it Annabellae after her daughter.

3) She views dissections as useful educational tools because of its effectiveness to see tissues in class.

4) Between the plant and animal kingdoms, she definitely loves the animal kingdom better.

5) One of her favorite labs was one that she did in a Virginia laboratory, in which she looked at Pfisteria piscicida dinoflagellate, which are known to be toxic and eat fish tissue.

6) Her inspiration for becoming a Biology teacher was Mr. Gauchi, her high school teacher, who would always collect fun samples for her class to dissect and draw. Who knows? Maybe one of her students today will follow in her footsteps and become a Biology teacher here at Iolani as well.

7) Transformed from a student into a teacher, her advice for her students is to “take it one day at a time and smile.”

BEST FACT: Actually, we do not only have one new soul on campus. We have two. Yup, Mrs. Church is pregnant! This is her second child, and he/she is only 6 1/2 months old. She comments that one of the most interesting things about being pregnant is that she is able to relate her pregnancy to the topic of reproduction. Have fun, Biology students!

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The School Newspaper of 'Iolani School.
One New Teacher, Two New Souls on Campus