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Circus Dreams brings more fun, but at higher price

Nolan Omura

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With the arrival of EK Fernandez’s rides, new food, and an expected change in the fair’s overall ambience, the highly-anticipated “Circus Dreams,” gave students and families a whole new experience.
“It was the best fair yet because of the rides,” said Sunshine Saucedo ’15, “I went on the Zipper three times, and the Fireball four times.” In addition, lines for these attractions were short, and students could expect to wait for twenty minutes or less to experience their desired thrill. “There was much more stuff to do with your friends instead of just walking around,” said Jodie Kim ’17.
The new and veteran food items were also big hits. “They had funnel cake with powdered sugar. That was good stuff,” shared senior Chase Kanekuni. Laura Lucas ’15 also raved about the “mouth-watering” gumbo and waffle dogs. The taco rice also sold out early on Friday night!
Even though Circus Dreams had much more to offer than it had in years past, students had some qualms about the fair. Saucedo complained, “The rides and the food were super expensive, and I spent a lot of money.” A ride on the Zipper cost four coupons, or six dollars.
Lucas also said that even though the entertainment tent was “farther away from all the screaming people, there was almost know one in there.” In addition, “they got rid of the movie. It was one of the best parts of the whole fair,” she exclaimed.
In the grand scheme of the fair, administrators and co-chairpersons made decisions in order to make greater profits to benefit student travel. Because lines were shorter, rides had to be more expensive. Since the delicious food was highly sought after, the prices were raised. Families and students of all ages had such wonderful experiences at the ‘Iolani fair, and more fun simply comes with a higher price.

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  1. kelvin lu on April 29th, 2014 5:40 pm

    How do I look at pictures tooken from the carnival?


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Circus Dreams brings more fun, but at higher price