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Sleep deprivation causes serious problems for students

Sleep deprivation causes serious problems for students

Cody-Joe Abe

Ethan Hill '14 falls asleep from lack of sleep the night before.

It is no secret that it is rare for an ‘Iolani student to accumulate 35 hours of nighttime sleep per week and still finish all homework. This means that students are not able to accrue the necessary hours needed to function at their full capacity. Many students consistently complain of being tired during the school day because of a late night due to excessive amounts of homework and often sleep in class. Many teachers understand when students are tired to the point of exhaustion and often simply wake them up with a friendly tap on the shoulder. However the fact that students are falling asleep during class is unacceptable.

Sleep is integral to learning because an adequate amount will keep a student alert and more focused. Tired students miss lectures which will inevitably cause a decline in grades. Kevin Chou ’14 says “It varies, but the least I’ve ever gotten was 30 minutes.” This is an abysmal amount of time to rest from a long nights work.

In addition learning, sleep is also important to the quality of life for students. Lack of sleep can generally cause irritability and make students view studies and school negatively. Stacey Lee ’14 says, “I’m angry at everything,” due to sleep deprivation. More problems that can occur with the chronic lack of sleep may also extend outside of academics. Many juniors and seniors drive to school everyday, and a lack of sleep can prove to be deadly.

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3 Responses to “Sleep deprivation causes serious problems for students”

  1. Amelia on February 6th, 2014 9:27 pm

    Yes, I know that I become quite depraved when I was sleep-deprived. (Check the headline!)


    Amelia Reply:

    …AAND my own comment needs editing, too. “when I *am* sleep-deprived.”


  2. T on February 9th, 2014 8:59 pm

    Have you ever heard of a drink called coffee? It works miracles. Who needs sleep?


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