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2016-2017 Staff

Ian Stone '21

Staff Writer

Ian Stone is currently in the eighth grade attending 'Iolani school. When he is not busy procrastinating over some assignment (a typical situation), he enjoys running for the cross country team and bicycling for pleasure. It is his li...

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Baylie Rodrigues '21

Staff Writer

Baylie Rodrigues is currently a eight grader, and this is her first year at 'Iolani. She enjoys going to the beach, spending time with family and friends on her free time, and taking pictures. Other times she is at the softball...

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Liam Monahan '20

Staff Writer

Liam is a freshman staff writer who has rejoined the Imua ‘Iolani for the great experience in literature and journalism. He is in his second semester of participating in the school newspaper and hopes to one day become an editor...

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Alexandra Masca '19

Staff Writer

My name is Lexie Masca and I am a Sophomore.  I came to 'Iolani in 6th grade and play on the soccer team.  My favorite thing to do is eat macaroons.

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Cameron Maeda '19

Staff Writer

Cameron has been at 'Iolani for the past 11 years, making her a sophomore this year. This is her first year writing for the school paper, but she is ready to learn about what journalism has to offer. In particular, she loves studying...

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Jessica Guillermo '21

Staff Writer

Jessica Guillermo is currently in 8th grade at Iolani. She has competed into four state tournaments for karate and is at a green belt level as of now. On Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings, she enjoys doing martial arts....

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Channah Ranae Garcia '20

Staff Writer

Channah is currently a freshman at 'Iolani. This is her first year being in Imua and she absolutely loves it! She is shy and sweet, but dorky and outgoing once you get to know her. Her hobbies include reading, listening to music,...

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Taylor Arakaki '19

Staff Writer

Hi my name is Taylor Arakaki, and I am a sophomore. I have attended 'Iolani since Kindergarten, and I play soccer for the 'Iolani soccer team. My favorite food is sushi because I love rice.

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Winston Wei '18

Online Editor

Winston, as you might guess, is the online editor of Imua 'Iolani. He supervises and proof checks all material on this here website. Winston is a junior at 'Iolani School, and enjoys writing for the newspaper (especially humorous...

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Jasmine Kung '19

Staff Writer

Jasmine Kung is a tenth grader who enjoys dancing, playing piano, and listening to music. She came to 'Iolani in seventh grade, and this is her first year being a writer for Imua 'Iolani. After school, you can find her in the...

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Adam Zuckernick '21

Staff Writer

Adam has been in 'Iolani since 6th grade, but is currently in 8th grade. He play water-polo for 'Iolani every day after school and during Saturday's. Adam also swims for 'Iolani. He like to play airsoft, paintball, Xbox, and shoot in his...

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Nagem Uiagalelei '19

Staff Writer

   Nagem is currently a sophomore, and this is her fourth year attending 'Iolani. Her favorite classes are English 10 and Biology. She also enjoys learning U.S. History from Mr. Hackler. Some of her other interests include ...

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Alec Tam '20

Staff Writer

This year is Alec’s second year at 'Iolani and Imua. Alec moved from California last year and is enjoying Hawaii. He plays violin and water polo. Alec is a freshman this year and looks forward to writing more articles for Im...

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Joseph Pang '21

Staff Writer

Joseph came into Iolani at 7th grade, and is currently an 8th grader.  He enjoy playing soccer, wrestling/fighting/struggling with his best friend Everett [ever since Kindergarten, and who is also going to Punahou], and rea...

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Amy Nakamura '17


Amy Nakamura is a senior with a passion for journalism and story telling. This is her second year as Editor-in-Chief of Imua 'Iolani, while also being the co-managing editor of the school's yearbook Ka Molelo O ' Iolani and Design...

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Landon Kushimi '18

Staff Writer

Landon Kushimi is a member of the class of 2018. In his free time, he enjoys downloading and watching movies on his computer, and watching TV shows, especially sitcoms like Parks and Recreation and Community. He also is a com...

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Jake Kaneda '18

Staff Writer

Jake Kaneda is a Junior and has been at ‘Iolani for five years. He enjoys relaxing in his free time and watching House of Cards. Jake is also part of the ‘Iolani varsity football team, he looks forward to a new year with man...

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Sara Hui '18

Co-Managing Editor

Sara is a junior who enjoys a nice day off. This is her fourth year at Imua, and she is always excited about talking to new people and writing new articles. Outside of Imua, Sara is a bit overwhelmed from all of her honors and AP c...

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Eve Huddleston '19

Lower School Editor

Eve Huddleston is a sophomore this year and participates in Iolani swimming and water polo. She has been apart of 'Imua since the 8th grade. She is happy to take more responsibilities this year as the Lower School editor. Fro...

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Jayson Guo '21

Staff Writer

   Jayson Guo is an eighth grader at ‘Iolani. He enjoys playing tennis and believes high-speed Internet and air-conditioning are two of life’s greatest gifts. This is his first year writing for Imua, and he is excited to ...

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Alisha Churma '19

Staff Writer

Alisha Churma is a sophomore at ‘Iolani and this is her first year writing for Imua. When she isn't busy working on homework or studying for her next test, she enjoys reading, listening to music, watching YouTube, or drawing. S...

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Isabella Chang '18

Staff Writer

Isabella Chang is a junior and this is her first year writing for Imua. Her favorite subjects in school are English and History and her extracurriculars include cross country and track. In her free time, she enjoys catching up on...

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Sean Callahan '18

Co-Managing Editor

Sean is the Co-Managing Editor for Imua 'Iolani. Sean runs cross-country and track. Sean enjoys travelling, and can't wait to study abroad in China during the second semester this year. In his free time, Sean like to go on hikes ...

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